Fear: A Stereotyped Imagination of a Truth

Fear is man’s greatest enemy to success. It is the bedrock of most failures – if not all failures. It has killed dreams and has in many ways terminated lives. It has enslave many and held bound many a lives not to see light in there darkness. It has manipulated the mind of its victims, spanning to the control of the being. It controls the world of its victim.  

The Truth:

Truth be said – failures, bad times, break-ups, marital clashes and what have you that surround man today, are all ‘real’ and these shapes the world of the ‘unsuccessful’ and defines the situations surrounding man. But, even at that, there is a compelling force behind these realities, to make man believe fast that he ‘must’ in one way or the other share in this nemesis of life.

What Fear Does:

Fear paints the picture of failure to us and ‘takes’ us to this land of chaos even when we are at our best. It gives life to our worries and feeds our ‘desperado’s attitude’. It consciously detects to our sub-conscious being. It gives us reasons why we can’t go beyond our self to be our ‘real’ self. Its ways are subtle but yet – strong and active.

Fear brings to reality – the negativities about life. For instance, car clash, we naturally would not say that we can ‘physically’ take hold of car clash or perhaps, where they are ‘packed’ so that when we need one to happen we go there and get it and cause it to occur. Car clashes occur as a result of some abnormality either from the car itself or the driver or maybe the road or anything but bottom line is that – it is abnormal. To this truth, we can confidently say that fear is an abstract truth in the real world of man. It is a facade to the beautiful nature and true reality of man’s existence – the true mind of God for man.

We become victims when we accept pictures of these enemy of man viz –a-viz failures, bad times, break-ups, marital chaos, societal troubles, etc. When we allow our lives to be program by it and we live in constant anxiety and impatience. We allow our head control on mind instead of the mind to control the head – the Mind of God. Fear doesn’t, more of a better word, attack you when you are great. Fear knows no man or height of faith. It will always have you get scare of something and when it knows probably well that thing will transform your total being. And note here, it only he that has potential greatness that is  always be tried by fear. Fear always counters the positive and never the negative. Its options are limitations and excuses.

‘Your fear is not fear itself but your ability to conquer fear’ – SEED

Ideally, we accept the fact fear is never a good piece for progress and success, but we get more intense and inactive to counter fear because we are unable as man. Fear, some would say is the thing of the mind or the volition of man’s thoughts, for the fact it’s a fact, there is every need to know the cause of fear or perhaps ‘who’ is involve in all of this mess we continually find ourselves in.

Basically, it is of general fact that Devil is the architect of all the ‘Bad’ but truth still remains that he stills the architect of Fear. Devil has the greatest tool for manipulation and that is tool – Fear. He has so perfected his strategies to kill dreams and potential leaders with his mater piece of impossibility – fear.

Does that mean we are not safe or going to be free from this death toll of the enemy? Is there any hope for us? Is there any comfort zone and fear-free platform to consciously unleash our potentials? Of course! There is hope for ONLY the SAVED. Oh yeah! The SAVED because ‘the Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear?’  Psalms 27:1b

The words here are light and salvation, the Lord cannot with the unsaved. The unsaved will first of all, accept Him that is the light and then come to enjoy the joy of his salvation. Its then we can be the light of the world. Until man has this, then His promise in 2Timothy 1:2 will be a mere sentence in a book… For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

That’s the word of God and works for the children born of the Word. The spirit of fear is never of God but of the Devil, therefore, God has made available for us a tool or perhaps, tools, to conquer the enemy.

The first tool is Power…we have the power to turn events around for our good. The power to take charge in case of ‘any attempt or attempted attempt’…LOL, we will always be in position to win.

The second tool is Love…with the love of God in our hearts; our case is settled in heaven by Christ who is an embodiment of divine love.

Final is of a sound mind….the desire of the Lord is that we always be at peace, with ourselves and with Him. A troubled heart cannot please God, so with a worrying heart. The mind of God is that we have the Mind of Christ.

With these, brothers and sisters, we are more than conqueror if only we allow the Mind of Christ to be part of our being. For when you are not ‘fearful’ then you are ‘faithful’, because the righteous shall live by faith.


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