FCET SUG ELECTION: Facts and Intrigues (Part Two)

Thanks to all for your comments and views in my last update as regards to the politics in FCET. I promised the part 2 but it was delayed due to personal reasons and I really need to watch how this election will turn out. It has come and gone though, but that’s not the end of it all. The task ahead is more compared to what you may think and a responsibility is now bestowed on all to take up the challenge and work for the good of the school. The politics and games involved were not out of my sight, am completely aware of all that took place and I can state with no equivocation that the new administration will definitely send a good message. But before I proceed with my sermon today, I would love to summarize the actions that featured in the past as regards to my last post.

Anya Charles was asked to step down and Odoh Paul to assume the position of the President, which he declined. To that effect, Charles has to continue as to what I call ‘a ceremonial president’. Paul was denied of his result after graduation (they wanted to play a fast one on him, to tie him down), he was later given his result after series of tussle. We all graduated and left, I thanked God that we all learned our lessons.”

I pause to continue with my talk. The pathway to justice is in the understanding and acceptance of TRUTH. When we understand that FCET is our own and we come to cherish like a Mother do to the child. With this understanding, our worst fears will be an issue of the past. Our future and hope for a better tomorrow lies in our today. Our little abode – we have no other place to call our Alma-Mata. The developments we cry and anticipate are all in our hands. And the earlier we understand this, the better for us. Over the years, we have spent wholesomely ‘trying’ to be heard or seen amongst fellow institutions, but the more we try , the more our reasons of coming together is clouded with selfishness and greed. We forget the nuggets for growth and settle for mediocrity are a better way to advance. All our efforts have been no-way near 10% of other citadels of learning. We call it seminary because we made it so. Our successive leaders have, maybe disappointed us, but must we continue to be disappointed when YOU are a voice of HOPE. A voice of PEACE and UNITY, to restore confidence and prestige to our dear College, we are expected to grow beyond on self. We are expected to have grown pass our imaginary horizon and soar higher in greatness and achievements. But mediocrity has kept us aback in the pathway of failure. We allow our brain and heart to be sold to under-development, accepting things the way they, instead of the way they should be.

Nevertheless, the rope is never too short for a change, a vibe of progress we can accept. First, our differences, then other things can follow. You are a Catholic, am an Anglican and you are Pentecostal, will never be an issue to debate again, (Please read my article on ‘The Church and Me’). Forging ahead is an attitude we must imbibe and cultivate. We need to grow and sustain our growth, we need to stretch beyond our boundaries, think out of the box, to improve our behaviours. Primarily, our character is an issue for national debate. Change of character should be considered and checked. Let’s think like men and women of the 21st Century, not like men and women of 18th Century. Oneness is a virtue – do not neglect.

With many years of leadership and still in leadership, by His grace, I have come to accept that leadership is the greatest task before man. You can be involved in everything but once it comes to leading, then you need extra grace and strength.

My fingers are responding funny now, but before that idea, I would love to state emphatically, ‘if you have any hand in the past errors of the College student woes, please ask God for mercy – you can’t tell what might keep you aback in life’

I pray that God will forgive us all and grant unto us a new platform to correct our wrongs. I refuse to apologies for anything because I fight for a true cause – Justice. For courtesy sake, I crave for your indulgence if I did h**t you in any way, – FORGIVE.


Your successes tomorrow are your entire efforts put together toady. The legacy you create today will continually speak for you or against you. Be careful on how you deal with little issues that join think it doesn’t matter – because, one matter will matter and pray you will be massacred.

Consciously build a relationship that you will be glad to say, ‘yes, I did that’ when you leave. Be s student with a difference and let your works speak for you.

To succeed in life, you need two things:

  • God:

He is the ultimate of everything you do; He is the determinant of your progress in life.

  • YOU:

You are what you think you are. Nobody can define you better than yourself. Change your life, change your world. Build yourself, build your world. Develop yourself develop world. Your attitude say more than your aptitude, let your behaviour speak for you and let your style define your sense of purpose. Create a future now to enjoy tomorrow. Don’t allow people choose a life for you, choose a life for yourself. Define it and define your life.

Above all, stand out with a difference. Let people know your value and integrity. How many people will listen to you when you speak? How many people can defend your cause to any level? How many people believe in YOU?

YOU are yourself…no other. Define it! Live it.

Thank You


Link to the Part One



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