Arise! Shine!

Winning Is The Game

Winning Is The Game



“We wait for light…but we walk in darkness”,simple thought line eludes human’s imagination to see the truth in the wrong path. For some reasons, we keep faith to the coming of our Lord Jesus; we so much believe in it that we are committed to be part of the saint’s train. Our innermost thoughts confirms this, with our Bible in our hand, we never miss the Sunday service. The weekly activities is sure; because we believe they all constitute our going to heaven, what about the commitment; we are so much committed to it that we forget to eat in the name of fasting. Our lives are so much cool and we love it like that; we cannot afford to reason to in a different pathway because it appears the concept of being the light of the world have been stereotyped to walk in a particular pattern. Not just done with that, our fat offerings; we cannot forget. We donate to everything, our wealth, our career, our jobs, our ‘everything’, in the name of service to God; but why do we act this way, simple, our thought line is naive to understand the real concept of being a light in darkness. When we give our life to Christ, there is this immediate understanding to that way. At least, our counsellors will counsel us with the rudimentary pathway to true Christian living. We admonish and caution on things to avoid, at least to stay connected to the light. Concurrently, we run shifts to serving God and serving Satan.

However, some persons are lucky to break out from this jinx, while others continually struggle, trying to arise beyond the detestable state of theirs. Isaiah, the great prophet of God, in Chapter 59 verse 9(a) of the Scriptures cited the condition of the world, what the world is in a lookout for.

“We wait for the light, but behold obscurity; for brightness, but we walk in darkness”

To wait defines expectation, there is a situation; and that is, there is waiting.

Who awaits this light? Who and who constitute the entourage awaiting this light? Jesus Christ led by the spirit in the gospels to say:

“Ye are the light of the world

Matthew 5: 14

The world awaits us, the light. There is a hunger and thirst to see a new blink of truth in this world of adverse corruption and apathy. Considerably, a messiah will be more of a better word to define the desire of men, who seek day and night to understand themselves and the world they are in, there is chaos every now and then, what can we do? Should we run away? Alternatively, do we sit and watch while things spoil in our hands? We all know that the coming of our Lord Christ is so near and He is coming to rapture His very own, not necessarily to bring peace to the world. Before then, what do we do?

Continue in the Spirit to the book of Romans 8: 19,

“For the earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God.”

All we need do is to manifest as the Sons of God…

More also, how much can we say we really understand these truths before us? The message that Christ is coming soon is such that needs communicating with understanding. We need to understand that Christ is literary coming to rapture the saints, technically, the shining saints. Like the Ten Virgins in the book Matthew, they are spiritually sound I would say but they were not shining when the Groom came. Note that they were all sleeping before that, so the question would be, for how long did they stop shining? Moreover, for the success five, where they shining even in their slumber? A thought for you!


Nevertheless, to Arise and Shine, there is need for an understanding with ourselves, first, before we can argue about the world. Our heart need first, to know that we are in time where fear and timidity is a tool of the enemy, used to manipulate our mind, refusing us to see reasons why need to be a shining light in every area of our life. In our businesses, career, academics, politics, finance, etc and the society, it is the desire of the Father, to see us shine, to shine beyond our horizon.

Isaiah, lead by the Spirit of God, cited in chapter 60 verses 1(a):

Arise, shine; for thy light is come… (American Standard Version)

For thy light is come is a good phrase to study as Christian. The time is now and no other time. Break off from the web of complains and murmurings, step up with understanding and faith to conquer, conquer the dearth of true light. For times like this, we need action in faith.

“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.”

Matt 5:16 (King James Version)

So is defined as ‘to a very great extent or degree or to a certain unspecified extent or degree’. That shows no limitation to our shining in the world. In the same light, the word your appeared three times in the verse of the chapter above. Your light, your works and your Father, these define the peripheral of manifestation.

Your lightthere is a potential and an ability to shine. In other words, we are not literal empty as we may think or assume. We are loaded with gifts and talents from God to shine. Therefore, we are full.

Your worksthe‘s’ in works signifies the scope of our exploits, not one or two but many, and indeed many they are. Works show no boundary nor does it define a particular profession we are to show our worth. It cuts all-and-sundry, from politics to banking to marketing to Information and Communication Technology, to Industry, to media, to fashion, to a lot of them. Shine beyond your horizon!

Your Fatherno matter what we do or where we belong, there is always a source. As light needs electrical energy to shine, so with us, we need a supernatural electrical energy to shine and to keep us shining. We need a source, a backup, a Master, to keep the vibe flowing and sustain the heat that comes with time.

We are the light the world waits for and yean for, our presence is demanded in all works of life to, at least, to maintain peace till He comes to takes us home. It is our job, our responsibility, our concern, our burden, to lighten up the world, the face of the poor and change the cause of life. It is we, we are the change the creature wails for and the light they desire. We have dwelt so much in darkness of misunderstanding and now we understand, let us stir the ship to our direction, direction to peace, to love, to comfort, to joy, to freedom!

Your are the light,

Arise and Shine!



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  1. I should say that overall I'm genuinely impressed with this blog.It is easy to see that you are passionate about your writing. If only I had your writing capability I look forward to a lot more updates and is going to be returning.

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