Journey To The Mountain

The last time you did something new was the last time you grew up” Thabo Mbabe (MD, Unilever Nigeria)

Over the years, it has always been ‘do-this’ and ‘do-that’. No freedom of choice, not necessarily that I don’t have one but because something has kept me aback, displacing me of some rights and choices. Though I have developed some sense of responsibility and have been able to take actions where necessary, but trust me, these decisions and have been clouded with sentiments and emotion-driven. From 31st July to 3rd of August, 2012, I was privileged to meet with distinguished personalities. Ranging from students to the MDs and corporate personnel’s, my meeting with these persons defined another me in another world.

In summary, I changed from being the normal guys to that guy I always wanna be. The person that did most part of the job was the MD of UNILEVER Nigeria, Thabo Mbabe. I left that camp with something unique and that’s from the MD, “the last time you did something new was the last time you grew up”. He told us that every weekend he tries something new and he shared his speedboat experience with us. That particular character was for me and I took it. That day, I resolved to take my chance and promised myself that every week, I MUST try something new, like my Boss.

On 11th of August, 2012, I took what I considered the biggest risk of my life, that’s climbing a mountain with no aid. That’s sounds weird I guess but I gave it a shot. Two days earlier, I tried but I stopped at the base of the mountain because of FEAR. Two days later, I decided to try again, I did try and I won. Below are my lessons from the mountain.

  • Fear

Fear is mans greatest enemy to success. At some point, because there is a local village in the mountain area, I became afraid that these guys might be cannibals. Trust the mind, it reminded me of the all the cannibalism and zombie movies I have watched and the ones yet to be shot. But I kept the pace for just one reason – The Unknown Success Ahead. Though I was skeptical about my feelings but I was determined to be ‘eaten’ even if it’s my last.

  • Endurance

Was I tied? Oh! Yeah, I was. Climbing over 600Ft Mountain with an angle of about 83 and no aid – now that’s scary. To rest is an issue because there is not flat top for you to rest. I took the wrong route, which made it tougher and ‘funny’ for me. So if I must get to the top, I have got to have the enduring spirit to keep me going. That I learnt!

  • Commitment

How does commitment come in here, but trust me, you got to be committed to the task to get to the top. If I was not committed, I would have turned and retire to my abode. Commitment is a virtue I leant and I guess you will now or never.

  • Positivity

Negativity is what I refuse my mind to work with. I was negative about myself on my first trial but when I came back, I sat down and ask myself ‘why did you turn back?’ I couldn’t answer that…so I resolved to be positive on my next trial. Positive thoughts and actions keeps you ahead of your fellas in conscience and attitude.

  • Patience

I didn’t tell you it tried to rain…I guess you understand what that means! What’s patience here? The patience here is that, on normal day, I would have aborted the mission immediately and probably missed the fun. But I refuse the ‘rain-threat’ to deter me. Instead, I gain more momentum… I said to myself ‘it’s not gonna rain and am gonna stay here – no going back. No matter how heavy the rain will be…am not going back, am gonna stay to see it come’. Trust nature…it didn’t rain finally…so I thought, had it been I went back and it did not finally rain, am gonna miss all. It’s all the risk…you take the risk of patience even when the future is not assured.

  • Peace

Of course! I have peace and rest of mind when I realized that my task for the moment is accomplished. I felt more relaxed and ease to share my success and exploits with anyone. I was scared of nothing because I threaded on the path of truth and my choice. I had peace…that’s what happens when you meet up with an assignment. Peace!

  • Satisfaction

I was satisfied with the results I got from my escapade. You get satisfied when you get desired results from any choice you make and I was satisfied with my own choice.

  • Discovery

I discovered a lot of things, wild animals and wild plants; I didn’t even know their names. I did discovered a lot within me…I saw myself doing things I won’t dare try to do on a normal day. I saw myself taking some mental decisions because my next step; I really do not know…maybe I might be stepping on a snake or some other reptiles. The mountain is so high that you have to be 97% accurate with your decisions and when it turns out the other way round, you immediately do your homework. Personally, I discovered a great deal of me in another world.

The journey I ventured into, I did, not to show off my strength or get some thumps up. I did it to test my DECISION at the boot camp in Lagos and it did pay for me. New things I have resolved to do every week is not necessarily adventure, I have plans for myself and my future. So, with this understanding, I hope to do anything I wanna do, more differently and on time. New things will evolve around my research, experiments, writings, career, and some adventure of course.

Hello friends… I halt to put it to you that you that you are the architect of your own life. Do new things to change your world and explore opportunities.

Just be different with it a difference.

Just be different!






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