Love In The Dark

It’s like the sound of the birds in the woods.
It’s like the noise of the frogs in the creek.
It’s like the moon in the sky radiating its beauty upon the universe.
It’s like the hunter in the field looking for the fool to eliminate.
It’s like the lion in the den seeking for permission to devour.

At the feel of it, the heart tingles.
At the torch of it, the body smiles.
At the take of it, the mind blows.
Whichever way,
It radiates peace for some and radiates sorrow for the unlucky.
It controls the very sense of human.
The king’s kill to keep it.
The slave’s die to save it.
It’s force supersedes the forces of gravity.
It’s heat laughs at the sun.
Whichever way,
It’s sweet.
It’s nice.
It causes the angry to smile.
It causes the cripple to dance.
It’s impossibilities says “welcome” to possibilities.

But it’s unseen.
It’s felt.
It’s experienced.
A torch of it changes life.
A feel of it elevates the heart.
It’s name is simple but the wise call it LOVE.

“Love in the Dark, the Dawn of Light


Poem by the Blogger, (Henry Anyaeji)




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