The No 1 Guide On Being A Remarkable Youth. Part 1

Live Your Own Life
There is nothing remarkable about
someone who is constantly trying to
be like other people. Be yourself and
be the best you that you can possibly
Be Authentic
Mean the things you say and do.
Authenticity is not very common these
days but when it is there, it shines
through your words and actions and is
very powerful for creating bonds
with others.
Come Up With Your Own Sayings
Come up with your own quirky and
original sayings. People will take
notice and it may even catch on. By
coming up with your own original
sayings you stand out from everyone
else who just uses clichés.
Leave Others Better Than You Found Them
Make it a habit to leave people in a
better state then you found them.
Happier, healthier, stronger,
wealthier. This is a major way of
being remarkable.
Help People Without Wanting
Anything In Return

Volunteer to help other people out.
Give some of your time, money or
resources to help a fellow human
being and expect absolutely nothing in
Don’t Try To Be Perfect
Be creative and abstract instead of
trying to live up to other people’s
expectation of perfect. You can
achieve great and beautiful things
without them living up to the general
consensus of perfect.
Face Your Fears
People who avoid things because they
are scared will never be remarkable.
Face your fears and conquer them. Do
you think Lance Armstrong would have
been remarkable if he had given up
cycling after he had cancer?
Take The Plunge
Be that person who does what others
won’t do. If others are too scared to
attempt something that you are not
scared to do, just go out and do it
with all your passion and energy.
Question The Norm
Just because something is done by
millions of people around the world in
a certain way does not mean it is the
right or the only way to do something.
Question the norm and don’t be
afraid to do something differently.
Expose Yourself
Get up on stage or in front of people.
Risk putting your ideas and creativity
out in public, available for criticism
and humiliation. What if Jay Z would
have been to scared to perform in
public and kept all his talent and art to
himself in his basement?
Start Your Own Tribe
Be a leader instead of a follower.
Build up a community or tribe of like
minded people who will follow you and
use your power to make a difference
for the better in this world.


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