The No 1 Guide On Being A Remarkable Youth. Part 2

Say NO To Things
If something goes against your
principles or you don’t really want it,
say NO. You might risk offending
some people, but most will respect
you for having strong boundaries and
sticking to them.
You Are Enough
Have the mind set that you have all
the assets to be remarkable. You have
talent and you have a gift. Share it
with the world.
Be Optimistic
Optimism and smiles are contagious.
Make the world a happy and positive
Be confident
Know what you want and be confident
that you are going to get it. I think
that all remarkable people share the
trait of confidence.
Be Humble
Arrogance and vanity are not traits to
associate with people you respect and
think highly of. No matter how good,
famous or wealthy you are, stay
humble with both feet on the ground.
Create something that brings joy to other peoples lives
Art, a painting, a video clip, a film, a
song, a poem, a book and so on and so
forth. Be artistic and express your
talent in a form that it can be shared
with everyone without the
expectation of getting rich from it.
It’s your gift to the world.
Invent something that everyone needs
The disposable razor or a cigarette
lighter for example. There could be
one little thing that seems so simple
yet will make the lives of millions of
people so much easier.
Take something that works and make
it better
The Japanese are pretty good at this.
They took a normal train and change
it into the fastest train in the world
(bullet train). Take a normal and
existing concept and make an
exceptional change to it.
Start a movement
People look for a leader, someone
who takes charge and takes initiative.
Someone who has good intentions and
wants to make a big change for the
better. Be that leader and start a
movement to change something that is
not right in this world.
Fight for peace and freedom
All around the world there is so much
unnecessary war and suffering. It
seems impossible for one person to
make a difference, but if everyone
thinks like that, things will never
change. Stop a war or change violent
policies of a country and you will be
Preserve our planet
Rain forests are being destroyed,
species wiped out, oceans over fished
and beautiful ecosystems perish.
Make a difference and start a
movement to do something about the
destruction of our planet.
Help the hungry
There are so many people dying of
hunger all around the world every
single day. Do something to make a
lasting difference. One idea I had
was to get every person traveling on a
plane to forfeit their meal for the
hungry. A combined effort by all
passengers would result in thousands
of meals a day that could be given to
hungry people all across the world.
Push the limits (break a record)
If you can do something that nobody
else has been able to achieve, then
you will not only get noticed but you
will certainly be remarkable. You may
just be the psychological inspiration
for many others to get past the level
that was always thought of as
Revolutionize an industry
Waltz into an industry or niche with a
great idea or new perspective and put
that idea in motion. If you can
improve or revolutionize the way an
entire industry does something then
you are pretty remarkable.
Think Better
Be a step ahead of everyone else.
Think faster, better or more
Read More Interesting Things
The more you read, the more you
shape your personality. The more
interesting things that you read, the
more likely you are to become an
interesting (and remarkable) person.
Don’t Be Boring
One requirement of being remarkable
is that you are not boring. Be original,
fun and get things done.
Stop Making Excuses
Either do something or don’t do it at
all. Don’t be someone who always has
excuses to stall doing something or
justify why you didn’t do something.
Never Settle For Average
Never be content with average or
mediocrity. When other people give
up and settle, carry on going and be
better than them.
Do What You Say
If people can rely on you and they
know that when you say something
that you will do it, you are well on
your way to being remarkable. If you
make a promise, keep it.
Don’t Aim To Be Remarkable
As contradictory as it sounds, most
remarkable people never set out to be
remarkable. They did what they loved
and were really passionate and that is
what got them to being remarkable.
Gimmicks Fade
What’s fashionable soon becomes
unfashionable. While you might be
remarkable for a time, if you don’t
reinvest and reinvent, you won’t be
for long. Instead of resting on your
laurels, you must commit to being
remarkable again quite soon.
“Remarkability lies in the edges. The
biggest, fastest, slowest, richest,
easiest, most difficult. It doesn’t
always matter which edge, more that
you’re at (or beyond) the edge.
Not everyone appreciates your
efforts to be remarkable. In fact,
most people don’t. So what? Most
people are ostriches, heads in the
sand, unable to help you anyway. Your
goal isn’t to please everyone. Your
goal is to please those that actually
speak up, spread the word, buy new
things or hire the talented.


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