“He stirred the HEART of Cyprus… Then God stirred the HEARTS of the Priests”
Ezra 1: 1b & 5a.

For how long have you made plans and you abandon them? How many times have you propose to do something and you procrastinated? Are there projects and programs you have ignored as a result of unwillingness or lack of strength. For so long you have proposed and you intentionally dispose. Sometimes, you have been discouraged to move on. You have been beaten down by FEAR to be the best of our self. You have fallen into the pit and refuse to rise. Your worst fears has, most times, come to pass as a result of your unintentional sluggishness. Let’s think this way…
You don’t have enough resources to unleash your propose plans. The capital is not there, you are limited: you think and complain. You prayed to God but no answer, you think. You have cried but your tears aren’t seen or felt, your pain has been severe and you have given up.
But let’s think this way too… Have you prayed that God should stir your heart to action? Have you prayed God to stir the hearts of your divine resource holder? No! You pray, God please give me this… Give me that… But you forgot that God can’t give it to you… Like Him coming to give to you but its only gonna come through men and women.
Through friends, your boss, your board, your mother, your father, your relatives, your enemy…oh yeah, the stranger… Any body! Any body!

In the text above, God himself stirred the hearts of King Cyprus to build the Temple of God in Jerusalem. But King Cyprus can’t do that alone… He only issue a degree to that effect.
In verse 5 of chapter one, events changed…
“Then God stirred the hearts of the priests and levites and the leaders of the tribes of Judah and Benjamin to go to Jeruselem to rebuild the Temple of the Lord”

From a single man to the entire leaders… That’s DIVINE and not human.
He is not the best speech giver to have written the best speech that brought this men to work. He is not that charismatic to have command that kind of following. Its divine because he had a divine assignment and had a Divine STIRRING which brought about the DIVINE followers.
Can you change your prayer focus today? God has provided all that we need to do what ever He ask us to do, its only left for us to command and its ours.
Matthew 7:7 is an open cheque from God to us. How efficient have you made use of it?

Understand this…see the light and walk in this might. God has given you all you need. Tap into that and be different with a difference.
God Bless You!

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