When Children Can Be ‘Boring’

Kids in the Neighborhood

Kids in the Neighborhood

It was a nice outing for me during the last Christmas. I do appreciate Baba God for giving me the opportunity to be part of 2013. I did enjoy myself…surrounded by my friends and family, it was a nice one indeed.
Though I was literally kept indoor(working on a project)…confined to my little study to keep my brain alive with some funny facts. However, I was not cut off from the ‘real thing’ in my neighbourhood. Growing up, I didn’t have the privilege to always ‘play’ like these children did. I and my younger ones do visit the village with my parents but the instructions goes thus: “Chiemezie! Don’t cross that gate” or else…well that’s where we oblige. The idea of child’s play is like a ‘sex-talk’ at 10. The peace and confidence of the little was really missed by me and my siblings. This ideal and perception was my attitude as I grow.
Nevertheless, I thought I did miss(surely…I did) but was not totally out of the radar as during the Christmas and New Year, I saw the light of being ‘young’. Being a lover of nature and children, I found myself running and playing like a kid. Jumping and laughing at every joke(both the dry ones)…showing off my child likeness in utter sincerity. The ‘pleasure’ of been young generated some momentum to act weird that I gave it a thought ‘why I didn’t forcefully have this fun’. My thoughts only gave me nothing but a blink of truth, that being a ‘child’ at some point is really a blessing. I ‘remember’ losing a friend at 5. It was just like that…a car knocked her down and she is gone. I did remember because she was ‘close’ to me and at some point we were referred to as ‘husband-and-wife’.
In utter truth, being a kid is a gift that must be appreciate by all and parents should really do give their wards that opportunity to be that ‘kid’.
My lessons with these kids really paints a picture of love to me. The innocence of their attitude is a great virtue we need to have as individuals and as grown-ups. That really gives hope to our self defeat, that at some point in our life we acted as if nothing else in this world matters. We live without the worries of tomorrow. That moment we play with no absolute attention about risks involved, jumping the ladder believing that the ground is so ‘soft’.
Hmmmm…I didn’t tell you the laughter and joy from within. They were just happy…happy! Happy! There gentle spirit flows to their action and gives them that attitude of peace even when they got bullied. Now I understood…why cry and worry, when I have that ability and the gift to laugh? Why worry over a situation that I can’t really sort out? Or if I can…why not go for it and leave that ‘God-help-me’ state. If we did this when we were kid…why can’t we now?
The idea of growing has been misunderstood by many as growing with your ‘real’ self is a good piece to being YOURSELF.
Oops!…sorry I forgot this! I watched with utter keenness as one kid fell down and ‘immediately’ she stood up to avoid been laughed at by her mates….hmmm…I was stunned and observed, why fall and get up ‘immediately’?
Shame! Defeat! She doesn’t want that.
How many times have we fallen and refuse to get up? That’s not the game. That’s defeat…winning says ‘get-up-and-get-going’.
I can go on and on to share my lovely outing with these amazing young lads but I halt to say…they are really nice to be with. Learn from them and teach your world.
I love it when I say ‘I love them’.

Some Kids in the Neighborhood

Some Kids in the Neighborhood

Posted by Chiemezie Anyaeji Henry


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