The Need To Go Personal

Hmmm…my posts will be taking a different light from now on. Reason been that I have a lot within to give but ‘fear’ has played a vital role in defining me now. Well…that’s news! Fear is gone, now am here. Giving by events now, I sense a drive to change my name to, maybe, ‘Counsellor Chiemezie’. Or ‘Just-Me’ but that maybe ‘nerd’ of me.
However, I remain myself, Chiemezie Anyaeji Ugochukwu Henry. I may sound a little ‘personal’ today. Yeah! That’s the way it ought to be. It now lead me to what I desire to share with you. I observed, at some point, we need to get personal to get things done. Our whole existence is rounded in connections and in connection, there is always link to lead ‘away’. A gateway from some issues of life. A path to success. That I understand.
Nevertheless, in connection, there is need for individuality. Personification. A personal will-power to keep you. The collective power will at some point disappear, and when such happens, what will be your gain? Loneliness! Defeat! Abuse! Frustration! Self is a word you must understand. Great men of yesterday and today, had, at some point in their life, withdrew from their ‘connection’. They ‘separated’ to discern more, the path of reasoning. They gave up friends, who love ‘company’. In great humility, they discovered themselves. They uncover some hidden treasures of themselves. They saw a new them in a different light and truly, that you cannot do when you in the crowd.
Jesus Christ, our great Leader of the century, in his prowess and agility, have to retreat. Took a break, even from his very own, the disciples. He understood his responsibility, to save, and to save, there is need to save himself. That’s not weakness, that’s strength. A weapon of the wise. Only a fool will ignore the ‘Control-Principle’. He had to go personal.
That’s what I call ‘Going-Personal’, to get things done, with your mind and senses. This is the evidence of true warriors.
Even as we war every time to live a better life, remember, wounded lion is no better than the retreating spider.
Its not fear nor defeat…its renewal of strength.
Get on with your life and at the same time, take some time out,personally. It will help. Good decisions are mostly taken when you are ‘personal’. The wave of distraction may surround, but YOU alone have the control button -Walk!

PS: I share to know your views, feel free to comment and share with friends.


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