Eliminating The 5 Enemies of Perseverance

“Perseverance begins with the right attitude – an attitude of tenacity. But the desire to persevere alone isn’t enough to keep most people going when they are tired or discouraged. Perseverance is a trait that can be cultivated. And the initial step to developing it is to eliminate its five greatest enemies.”

Perseverance requires determination. If you take the time and effort to cultivate tenacity, you can achieve the impossible. However, there are endless temptations, false beliefs, and distractions that can lead to abandoning what once seemed of the utmost importance.
Eliminating the following five things will bring greater chance of success:

1. A lifestyle of giving up
“Talent without perseverance never comes to full fruition. Opportunities without persistence will be lost. There is a direct correlation between perseverance and potential. If you have a habit of giving up, you need to overcome it to be successful.”
There is no doubt that giving up is the easy thing to do in many situations. When we’re presented with opportunities, we are programmed to want to take the easy route. However, taking the difficult path will allow us to see our talent come to full fruition.

2. A wrong belief that life should be easy
“Having the right expectations going into anything is
half the battle.”

It’s common to expect that life should be handed to us on a silver platter. However, expectations don’t always match reality. When faced with tough situations, we have two choices. We can either give up, or we can dig in and get down in the trenches. Perseverance is choosing the trenches.

3. A wrong belief that success is a destination
“If you think you have arrived, then you’re in trouble.
As soon as you think you no longer need to work to
make progress, you’ll begin to lose ground.”

Success is not a destination. Success is a path we choose to walk down each day. When we stop seizing opportunities, we hit plateaus. As leaders, we constantly have the chance to learn, grow and move
forward. With a bit of perseverance, we can move beyond our “success” and through open doors.

4. A lack of resiliency
“We must not become dry, brittle, and inflexible. And
we must endeavor to bounce back, no matter how we
may feel.”

We can’t let discouraging moments break us. Instead, we must be resilient. By persevering through tough times and taking struggles on, we have the ability to go beyond our talent.

5. A lack of vision
“People who display perseverance keep a larger vision
in mind as they toil away at their craft or profession.
They see in their mind’s eye what they want to
create or to do, and they keep working toward it as
they labor.”

What is your vision? Let that be your guiding light as you persevere through the less than desirable moments in life. Know that through perseverance, your talent will be lifted, ultimately reaping great benefits in the end. Overall, take the time to think through which of
these enemies is hindering your ability to persevere as a leader. Once you identify these strongholds, you will be able to rise above any situation and accomplish
even the loftiest goals.

SOURCE: The John Maxwell Company

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