The Woman

The enigma that characterised her person glows the mind of the seeker. Giving to her strength, the elephant could be a light weight compared to her inner blow. The glory that surrounds her gets the WISE to think, trying to discern the purity emanating from such a masterpiece of creation. The very believe that she controls whatever she desires to, is not far fetched because her cause will always be attended to by her Creator. Equipped with the greatest delicacy of intuitive perception, she easily swings herself to the purity of luminous heights. Light streams from her. Her entire physical nature will continually get the blind to see and the lame to walk. She is primarily responsible for all her proceeds. She protects her own. Her prowess to influence eludes the ordinary mind.
There is nothing upon which her influence cannot absolutely be brought to bear; if she stands in that place where her inherent womanly abilities fully unfold to blossom.
What is perceived to be her weakness turned to be her strength. And it is only the genuine womanliness that silently educate the man.
Her flesh sends the man craving for more. The unseen cord that binds the eye of man and the breast of her is a case study. Nature has dealt so much blow to man. Her wealth of influence moves the papals and the saints alike to at least, give her a fair trail even when she errs. The joy of motherhood is as result of genuine woman.
It is ridiculous to use the expression “weak woman”, for woman is psychically stronger than man.
However, even when she remains the pinnacle of pro-creation, her dirt has changed the world. The woman of today has successfully trample her power and mission, she has blindly overlook them, and has destroy her sacred gifts from within. Instead of being an up-building influence, she brought about disintegration, thus being the most poisonous element in creation. Consequently dragging man and children alike to the very best-hell in creation. King Solomon undoubtedly warn against everything but lay keen emphasis of the woman. Her venoms and claws. Her cunning nature and her lust. Where does one still find in the woman of today, the genuine feeling of shame which is the most real expression of her true self. The noble woman. Its not weakness.
The woman of today is ashamed to wear a long dress if fashion decrees a short one. She is ashamed to genuinely appear real with no patches and foundations on her face. She must look good though but that sincerity of self is long lost in her. And she is not ashamed to expose her ass and breast to the glances of all even more to their hands. Without hesitation, she will uncover and give more of it to the awaiting dogs in trousers. This is no exaggeration. Her hair is her glory. Today its an apparatus for scientific discovery. Her hands are a blessing to caress but the fear of her nails is the beginning of wisdom. Her height can be 5ft but her shoes will insinuate another figure. Her simplicity is lost. These shabby nature of hers has made it difficult for real men to discern the TRUE woman. Only God will help man.
She has taken her home to be a substitute. A second place to be. Her body and profession(if any) is her first.
The unending struggle for recognition has driven her out of the home. The man now is the chef, the children just turned to bar-tenders. Her quest for liberation is an idea to appreciate but she is losing a very distinct part of her to a low cause. Its a pity. These cravings has continually sink her instead. If she can understand this and return to her place, the world would be at peace again. The family will be more better. And her offspring will be more reasonable and productive, morally, to the society. Let her take over the kitchen, let her drive the kids to school. Let her love the man. Let her love herself. Let her light shine to illuminate the darken places. Let her attend to the society with passion and love, forgetting personal gains. Can she still kiss her man on the streets? To her, its an insult. Let that sincere attitude of her return. Let her love saturate because hers is better. Let her fight for her home. Let her embrace her man. Let her give attention to her ward. Let her see reasons to be at home before the man.
In like manner, let the man appreciate her. Let man love her. She is weak but her strength is in man. Let man give her attention, she desires that a lot. Let man bless her with items, she loves that a lot. Let man tell her stories, she adore that. Let man cuddle her, she cherish it more. Let the man dry her tears with his kiss. Tell her things, positive things, that will bring out the best in her. Her treasures are hidden, she need a hand see it, be that man. Let her desires not be far fetched from you. Let her voice be heard. Let her place be given to her. Her smile is a glory from within. Adore her.
Never abuse her. Never curse her, if you do, you are insulting creation. Wash her feet. Give her that good-night kiss. In all this and more, she will change to be that WOMAN man desire.
Above all, let the WOMAN of TODAY find her place in GOD for she transcends more in this area than the MAN.
Give attention to these, they all shape the TRUE WOMAN.
GOD bless the WOMAN.

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