The Game of Flirting

A good flirt can be spotted from a mile away, with a big smile, unending laughs, intense eye contact, arm touching and over friendly demeanor. The one who seem to magically know all the good and available men in a party. The one who always get along with the boss and troublesome co-workers. The one who seem to get all the compliment in a group. The one how chats with the total stranger as his best friend. Those ‘the-ones’ type…yeah! You get it!
Interestingly, flirting doesn’t always have to hold sexual connotation. On the contrary, many people view the act of flirting as a “gentle amusement”, a harmless fun filled act of friendship.
Flirting is an instinctive basic human nature, embedded deep within us, in spite of our educational background, upbringing, social economic status or religious views. Documents such as novels, poems, drama and art attests to the long existence of flirtation in human. Though today, it is done with better self awareness, artful and even conscious calculation.
The Dictionary defines flirting as an act in a playful romantic way.
Nevertheless, as much as we may try to deny it, we have at one point or the other, consciously or unconsciously displayed the act of flirting in deflating that sinister situation, embarrassing moments or getting our ways.
Flirtation is a means of communication and just as language could be subtle, coarse, innocent or provocative. It could involve verbal as well as physical interaction between two individual as they critically study body language, reproductive fitness and compatibility.
Generally, flirting comes basically in these forms: making direct contact, coy smiles, side-long glances, parading, eyebrow flash, exposed necks and flashy dressing, etc.
A more subtle flirtation is done by gestures and body language. A palm on the knees or on the table depicts harmless while an exposed necks speaks of helplessness, invulnerability and submissiveness.
The more verbal flirt includes using humour, teasing, battening and suggestive comments, giggling, etc. No matter what form it takes, flirtation isn’t really meant to hold much value or importance but when tastefully executed in small quantities, consideration and good sense could be fun filled, making life pleasurable, adding more into your life than you realize.
Accomplished flirting would not only serve as ice-breaker in your life, career, love or friendship but creates a positive charismatic energy around you that showcases a radiant confidence and an appealing personality to the world.
It does not only empowers character building but reinforce a deep positive belief in oneself.
Flirting give one the confidence and ability to have a good rapport with anyone; friends, customers, colleagues, including strangers. It produces a childlike radiance by the upbeat outlook to life. These refreshing qualities draws the rest of the world in a positive agreement.
Do not forget as you walk down the street, in the bus, going off to your business meeting to give out a radiant smile as an act of friendship. Who knows, it could be the beginning of a great friendship, sizzling relationship or a business deal.
Just remember to keep an open mind and have fun.

PS: The Author of this piece is Chidinma Okpala. A graduate of English Language from the Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka Nigeria.
She is the Assistant Project Director of SEED Project
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