You’re Out of Your Mind

That’s insulting, right?. Its like an abuse or something. A harsh disapproval. An unwelcoming compliment. Maybe, a harsh rebuke or whatever and somehow, we have had that experience.
You have thoughts about some great stuffs in your tiny brain and your friends are like, ‘hey, you are one kind of an idiot, you can’t do this’. Others are like, ‘you are just a nerd’. While some will be like, ‘you what?…drop that shit, you can’t do it’. Those sharp disapproval and unwelcome comments, they are much. We can’t count them.
The heart break is much. The betrayal is so much that we gave up. Those moments we feel like, ‘I can’t do this anymore’, ‘am not up to the task demanded’ or maybe, ‘just forget me…am just like that -weak’.
In the wake of this, is there is any hope?
‘”You’re out of your mind!”. They said. When she insisted…”‘ Acts 12:15
A servant girl named Rhoda had such sharp disapproval. She was rejected and abused. She was given no room for acceptance. As a maid she is, her voice is irrelevant and meaningless. Her contributions can’t add a pint to the situation. She was sidelined. She was place on the minority. She was given no attention but only ONE THING made a difference in her -HER PERSISTENCE. She never gave up. She INSISTED.
‘When she recognised Peter’s voice…’ Acts 12:14a
That was echo of destiny. She heard a VOICE. That’s the VOICE of destiny and it was very clear to her.
How many times have you heard such a VOICE. Not like a voice but a resounding idea. A great instinct to do something DIFFERENT. A warm ATTENTION and instead to EMBRACE it, you get knocked out by those words like ‘you’re out of your mind’.
The only difference between DREAMS and ACHIEVEMENTS is ACTION. The greatest of ideas-turn-reality is born in ACTION.
Such a mind never gave up rather they INSISTED that there VOICE be heard like Rhoda.
It takes COURAGE and ORIGINALITY to standout in such place.
‘instead of opening the door, she ran back inside and told everyone’ Acts 12:14
We get those sharp and brutal remarks because we refuse to rationally THINK straight. We refuse to OPEN the DOOR. We ran BACK. And the greatest of all is we tell EVERYONE.
That’s the problem. Embrace it first. Rationally think through Who-Will-I-Tell-It-First.
Don’t jump out and blab your mouth like Rhoda(thanks to God she did overcame).
Receive that first gift -PETER.
Be the first to uncover the TRUTH -OPEN THE DOOR.
Give it shot, make a difference. Refuse to be silenced.
You will make a DIFFERENCE if only you will INSIST.
SHARE…BUT with like MINDS.
Let your friends reflect your visions
Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination – Oscar Wilde

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