Hearing God’s Voice 1

For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the
sons of God.
Rom 8:14

If you ask Christians if the devil has tempted them before, many would give you a positive answer. Christians generally believe that there have been times when they felt the devil tempt them to do something or not to do something and in some cases, some believe they even heard him speak. Isn’t it funny that if you ask the same Christians if they have heard God speak to them before, a good number would say they haven’t? Why is it so? Isn’t God interested in speaking to His children? Of course He is! The problem is that many Christians are more conscious of the devil’s voice than they are of God’s.

Many people have more faith in their ability to hear the devil than in their ability to hear God.
Unbelief is the main reason several Christians do not hear the voice of God. Many think that they do not trust the voices they hear because the voices they hear are not loud enough. However, for an unbelieving person, no voice can ever be loud enough. In John 12:27-30, God’s voice thundered from heaven so that Jesus and the people with Him could hear it. Despite that, some still said it was just a thunder!

Many times, God’s leading on your life may come in form of an inward witness or an inward voice. It isn’t gentler, but it is authentic!

Do this:
Discern God’s leading today, don’t wait to hear a loud and audible voice from the outside. Discern his presence of the Lord within you and follow his voice.

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