The Gain of Lies: The Prologue

(Ebuka on the Phone with Ngozi)
“Hello my dear, how are you?”, Ebuka asked sounding excited.
“Am fine and you?”, Ngozi replied.
“Am cool”, Ebuka said adjusting himself in the couch.
“Guess what my dear”, he continued.
“What…please tell me my dear, you know am impatience to gossips”, Ngozi replied with an itching ears for a gist.
Ebuka continued, “Okay…I may be coming to Abuja to complete my degree programme in University of Abuja. How about that?”

***Long Pause***

“Hello, are you there?” Ebuka enquired.
“Yes…Ebuka tell me you are not serious”, Ngozi said, praying for a negative reply.

“Am serious”, Ebuka affirmed.

“In fact, am 95% positive that am gonna complete my programme in University of Abuja”, Ebuka continues.
“You remember my Uncle in University of Abuja?”, Ebuka asked.
“Yes! Yes!”, Ngozi said impatiently.

“He promised to secure a spot for me in the second admission list that will be out next week”, he said excited.
He continued, “he said I should even get my things ready because the second list won’t elude me”.

“Ehhmmm…ehhmmmm…its okay. Its…”, Ngozi said stammering.
“Are you not happy with me or you don’t want to see me?”, Ebuka cuts in.
“I am…”, Ngozi replied reluctantly.
“Okay…but you are sounding kinda a little bit kikky and not-yourself“, Ebuka said.
“Nooooo…not at all, am fine and am really expecting you. Just that am a bit surprise”, Ngozi said.

“Okay then…am gonna hang up now. I will call you later in the day”, Ebuka said.
“Alright…take care of yourself for me”, Ngozi said.
“I will my dear… Love you!”, Ebuka replied.
“Love you too baby…”, Ngozi said dropping the call.

She leans back on her bed, reminiscing how her journey of love started with Ebuka. She was lost in thought…appreciating every moments she did spent with Ebuka in smiles.
The scenes of moment with Ebuka played like a movie slide in her little-funny mind. The late night computer gaming. The cinema outings. The dinners in Abuja towns ranging from Atlas Hostel to Season 7, Mr K Restaurants and Hatlab joints. It dawn on her that a strong cord is about to be rekindled. The love-gardens dramas and Kush-n-dush parades. It was like a movie for her as she was lost in the ecstacy of meeting Ebuka.
The movie however, was cut short with a knock from the door.
“Who is that?”, she asked carelessly getting up from her bed.
“Its me”, a male voice came from the background.
“You who?”, she asked reluctantly as she approach the door.
“Ebuka”, the male voice said.

Full story from the e-book(a novel), The Gain of Lies by Anyaeji Chiemezie
To be out soon!

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