Genesis Study: Design For Purpose

…and there was no people to cultivate the soil. – Genesis 2:5b.

Creation didn’t just happen. We didn’t just happen nor did we just arrive here on a space shuttle. The very existence of Man was a design and there was a Designer. A cause, intentionally purpose to fill a perceived vacuum. The mission of every being is a sure cause to fulfil. Discerning the path of truth and simply stated; every human being on planet earth is on mission, a purpose, an assignment and there is a pathway to our succeeding.

In the book of Jeremiah 1:5, the Lord said; I knew you before I formed you in your mother’s womb. Before you were born I set you apart and appointed you as my prophet to the nations.

Examing the passage one at a time:
I knew you before…
God in his omnipresent, was in our beginning, at conception. Before the existence of the zygote, there is Him that designed the product of the sperm. He knew us before he formed us. His marvellous hands has been on our heads as individuals before our parents gave birth to us. That’s awesome of an Almighty God.
…before I formed you
The interesting thing to note here is the personification God gave to his very own. He personally was responsible for us. He used his very expertise to create such a master piece like us, you and me. He said, I formed’…t. He was involved from the beginning to the end.
And before we were born…he set us apart.
Before you were born I set you apart and appointed you as my prophet to the nations

Appointed us to be a doctor, a teacher, a lawyer, a Minister, a pastor, a musician, a prophet, and to be whatever he has purpose for us to be.
This shows that we are Children of Divine Purpose. We are a master piece of creation on a mission on earth, in our various nations.

God saw a NEED, a purpose, an assignment, after creation and there were no people to cultivate the soil.
The message is there but there was no messenger. The work is there but there was no worker. The duty calls but who will go? Who will attend to the Master’s need?
…Then the LORD GOD formed the man…
Thus, Man wasn’t a mistake. He wasn’t a clone to supplement creation. He wasn’t just there.
Man came for a reason…to cultivate the soil.
That was the reason for Adam. That was the purpose and mission of the first man.
To every living being, there is cause for his existence.
Isaiah lead by the Spirit of God, heard the Lord asking;
…Whom should I send…
God is a God of purpose. His design of us is for a purpose.
Suffice it to say, all creation is created to fulfil a task.
We are on a mission and what’s your mission?
What is your purpose of earth. The journey of life is fun and more fun if the journey is defined. Everything makes sense when we have a cause to pursue, a problem to solve.
The journey before us is a fierce one and only Kings and Queens of Purpose will succeed.
The very question to examine our journey should be:
Why I am here?
What am I doing?
Am I doing what am formed to do?
And to get the best answer of any product is to communicate with the manufacturer and God being our Boss and Manufacturer, its essential we go back to him.
He alone knows what He made(formed) us to be, as He did for Jeremiah.
Its a path of purpose and they that must thread on it must identify themselves.
What’s your identity?

God bless.
Have any question, drop in the comments as we trust God to give answers to it.
PS: All Scriptures are New Living Translation(NLT).

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4 thoughts on “Genesis Study: Design For Purpose

  1. Every human has a divine purpose for creation, each one unique in their calling. As such, it wouldn't be correct to pick up someone elses task. It is very necesary you find your own assignnment and the correct route to take. "Not all route leads to your destination". When you don't know your purpose hear on earth, there exists a vacuum which can be filled by you and only you. So, go find out what you were created to do.

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