The Greatest Confusion of Man

The greatest confusion of man is HIMSELF.
What do you think?
His consistent quest to unravel what ‘they’ say is so precious in him can be a proof to that.
The very momentary and intentional believe to change SELF is a plus to heighten the idea of personal discovery. He pursues this cause to the later, to make money, to build houses, mansions, own fleet of cars, have the best vacation in the best city in the world, the best drink, cloths, shoes, gadgets, etc. He desire to have all these have place him on a quest to earn a Degree, NCE, HND, OND, Masters, PHD and of all, Professorship. Some opt for business, others for ministry either part-time or full-time. Some believe in gamble, that’s why they stick to the stars and moons to see the next line of action, others debate for money, relevance, that’s why they are found in courtrooms. There are many and more of these. The simple idea of all these is to define SELF, either for success, fame and glory, or for failure, poverty and shame…the former is sure for MAN, consciously or unconsciously.
However, in the place of all these, has there been a conscious and deliberate question, like, why all these? Does it really(like seriously), matter? And if it those, why does it matter?
Perhaps the bright minds may offer reasons why it does matter, so I ask, in whatever reasons you say it does matter, what has been the CRIME you have committed, to either sustain or improve GAIN?

To break it a little, what is your VALUE? What is your worth? How much do you worth?

Well…share the amount if you so wish, I will pay and take you as one my slaves (and I don’t keep them, I kill them).

Point is, you worth SOMETHING and that’s THING is never monetary.
Its more valuable than GOLD and DIAMOND.
Therefore, in pursuit of happiness and relevance, look not unto those facts mention earlier because they are not what defines YOU. Instead, they are what makes you MORE EFFECTIVE and EFFICIENT to be WHO YOU ARE.
So…Who are YOU?


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