What Seeth Thou?

In a world of unfairness, ingratitude, faithlessness, pains, not without gains. A perpetual suffering loom behind, the agony of man is an idea every being looks behind to see, as a neighbor. We share in some of neither its pains nor our friends, relatives, whichever way, we share in parts. Either way, we are knitted to live as one common social animal. Our dreams remain vague. Choice before us looks undoubtedly an option of the least available.

Our nights are clustered with fears of the unknown. Our morning becomes a routine of failure – repetition of stories of how successful we were. Hope is vague, here.
In the streets of Ajegunle, under the bridge of Upper Iweka, the slum of Okpoko in Anambra State. The den of Borno… the nation, Somalia. Regions of Syria, borders of Sudan. Think about them, they reflect to us a failed state – a failing us.
The picture becomes clear and clear, day after day. We’ve bought into the illusions of all has failed. A failing us!
This is you! This is us!
“…what seeth thou?” Jer. 1:11
At some point, it became expedient the Lord ask Jeremiah a question. Question of freedom, a man who considers himself a child and a dumb. That’s him – Jeremiah!
Today, this same comes to you.
‘What seeth thou?’
What do you see? A failing you or progressing you?
A crying you or a laughing you? What do you see?
The Lord had to call him by his name. I don’t your name neither do I care to know, I do care to call you – my Love!
my Love, what seeth thou?’
What you see – say it!
What you see – dream it!
What you see – work it!
What you see – be it!
It’s a choice. Life is fair for you to be unfair to yourself.
No matter how hard you have tried and failed, because you see something – a future, don’t give up yet. No matter the pains, the abuse, the battering, the failures, the failed appointment, the failed relationship, the failed marriage, the failed engagement, the failed health…whatever!
Because you see something – don’t give up!
Hold on! Keep on!
Your smile is here.
Keep hope alive, that’s your only friend.
Say:because I see something. A better me! A better future! A better ending! I won’t give up.
Act: Get up! Go get what you see!
Love Ya!

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