How to Be Different with a Difference! (Part 1)

Fact #1: Know You are Unique
For starters, know that you’re already different than everyone on the planet. Sure, some people are more different than others, but all of us have a unique set of experiences and characteristics that spell out a different reality than everyone else on Earth. No one else has the same brain you do, the same thoughts you do, and the same reactions as you do. You’re different by just being human. Your entire life revolves around
you alone and no man is entitled into your world except you. You are the genesis of destiny and omega of your own world.
Get that to your head.
Stand out with this understanding!
Fact #2: Find Your World and Be Yourself
 In order to be as different as possible, you have to be You — not a carbon copy of someone else. If you don’t know who you are, that process can seem a bit scary. In order to be yourself, you have to find yourself. Do you know what it is you like? What you are like? Who are you when no one else is around? 
This is the greatest voyage of every man. It defines You more if you find a CAUSE to identify with. Get a Life. Get a purpose. What do you live for?
There is a great different between LIVING and EXISTING. Some persons are just EXISTING, occupying space.
Get a Life. Live for it! 
Fact #3: Be Personal
It’s normal nowadays to be constantly bombarded with stimuli — whether it’s on a screen or the people around us. To really get down to who you are and what makes you different, be personal. Here I mean, spend some time with yourself – alone. Disconnect from everything. What are you left with? Meditate on what matters to you. Don’t be easily driven to associate with everyone.
To be different, you need some time alone.
This time is not the time to eat or sleep, but to think about yourself, life and future.
Get yourself free fro some noisy life.
It pays a great deal.
Fact #4: Know What You Want
Be very careful that you actually want to be different. Maybe you’re just in a group of friends that you don’t jive with and that little voice in your head is just being misinterpreted. What does different actually mean to you?
Here is the deal, what do you actually want and NEED. Those are two different things. Look out for it. Differentiate between your WANTS and NEEDS.
You WANT to eat everyday, but you will NEED a steady cash flow to feed yourself. And feed well. You get the drill?
Yeah! That’s it.
Fact #5: Get It To Your Head
Once you’ve pinpointed what “different” is to you, how do you want to go about it? If you’re in a group of friends that only eats Swedish protein bars and wears pink on Wednesdays, how do you want to go off on your own? Do you want to become a math mastermind or do you just want to shake it up by wearing purple? You could be different in so many ways.
Whatever, KNOW that you really want to be different. Dream it. Work it.
Let everything about speak how conscious you are about being different.
Let Mama know you have taken a decision of change. Let friends gossip it.
Whatever way…know it!
Don’t shy away from it.
Face it and be it!
You get those jumbo kicks right?
Stick around for the part 2.
Share with your friends and feel free to ask your questions.
Hearing from you is what I love so much.
See ya!

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