How To Be Better Introvert

Accept Yourself as an Introvert To build confidence
Accept yourself for who you are. Acknowledge the things you may find difficult rather than bring on self criticism. No need to self hate. Being an introvert will allow you to have more time to improve yourself, practice hobbies, and build a lifestyle that works for you.

Adopt a Growth Mindset
A growth mindset is the belief that your skills
and abilities aren’t fixed and that you can continue to grow as a person. Having a fixed mindset will put limits on your whole life. If you believe you can improve your social skills, then with practice you will.

Focus your energy outwardly when in social settings but know when to Recharge
Direct your energy into being friendly and approachable when you are at social events. Know that you have a limited amount of energy and that you will need solitary time to recharge. It’s loud inside that big brain of yours and too much social engagement can be strenuous on your introverted brain.

Be genuinely interested in the people you are talking to
Don’t ask questions just to keep the conversation going, ask because you’re genuinely interested in the people you are talking to. Skip the small talk about the weather and ask people what excites them, about their hobbies and passions. People love to talk about themselves so allow them too.

Understand What Overstimulates You
It may be large crowds, social media pings, emails, meetings, noisy environments. Don’t let it all exhaust you. Use headphones, silence your phone, and find solitary places to get away from it all.

Embrace Nature 
Nature can be a great relief from the overwhelming stimulus of modern life. Take a walk or run through nearby parks for ultimate recharging. Embrace your senses, listen to the sounds around you, become aware of the subtle smells of nature and avoid stepping in dog poo.


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