I did the math – am 21 older!

I stared from behind as she walks pass through me, heading for the 2013 Murano Jeep – her car. A gift on her 23rd birthday.  She loves white as a colour, that’s a perfect gift for her as an angel. Staring as she slides open the backseat door and slips in her purse. Swinging her parts – I imagined! I wished she would pull-over like Kcee. God blessed her with some flesh.
With mute breathe, still and steady. The shadow of her replicates an ambiance of love and peace. The perfect gift to any man – to me.  The very true  nature of me spill within. Reading my list in thoughts…she’s pretty, tall, intelligent, smart, creative, relatively humane…
Am in love. Yeah! No doubt about that – I see it all.
[Earlier in my crib]
“We can’t be together”, she blurted.
“Why?”, I enquired pliably.
“I love you, can’t you see. I will do anything just to be with you. Don’t forget all we’ve been through. My heart goes to you and no one else.”
In her usually manner, she took the words from me and made it hers.
“Chike! I know all that but you see, I…I…”
Trying to be horny and considerably understanding, I stammered.
 “Say it…baby.”,
“I can’t marry you.” She interrupted.
“You are not my type of man. You are 44, am 23. Consider the margin. I can’t. I wish I can, baby….but I can’t. My parents are not in support of this relationship.”
What was like an extracted pumpkin leaf liquid saturated my mouth.
Did she really said those?
In paralysis, I could only see fogs. My sight became blur with hopes falling apart.
Dreams are not really – now I know!
She loved me, I thought, these three years!
I did the math – am 21 older!
What became of me was reality. Appearance has deceived me. I sort to be manly, my heart went failing.
Good houses. Good clothes. Good shoes.
Good money. Anything good, I got them.
Good woman, me have not!
“but we can make it up with each other?”, I tried to explain.
“If your parents don’t approve of it but you still love me…we…we…we can still be together.
All that matters is that we love each other and we are happy with that.”
“You don’t get it, don’t you? I don’t love you.”
Like a bang.
She snapped and stood to walk.
“Leaving?…it can’t be that way”, I stood, trying to grasp for a breath.
“Watch me leave!”
***Find Love, Early is Good.***
***Love Love, Now is Best.***

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