Look Within

    Looking around, there seems to be no hope of survival. Everything is gradually changing and lives are becoming more uncomfortable. The bills are getting higher day after day, the paycheck can’t fix it either. The government seems to say, to your tents, Oh! Israel.
    Yeah! Things are that bad for almost everybody. Unemployment…job safety…crimes…murder…assaults…rape…child abuse…yeah!
    So many inconsistencies, more than we imagined or desired. We have consulted, and applied all imagined business principle and it isn’t growing. Unsafe career. So it rocks us and throws us off balance.
    We have prayed, God isn’t answering! We have fasted and communed, still, our penance is desolate. What can we do? We have played virtually all our card.

    We look, the Goliath stood before us and stares into our eyes. Fear is now our neighbor. It is that troublesome, if not you, it is for another.
    If this your case, I understand. I appreciate your tenacity to hold on.

    But let me share this and pray you thank me later.

    As you are besieged by all these giants, so a city long time ago. They desire a messiah, even the King was helpless. Still, a lad had a case to make and prove his worth. His principle and approach was what made the difference.

    “So David prevailed over the Philistine with a sling and with a stone…there was no sword in the hand of David 1 Samuel 17:50

    A sling and a Stone…WOW…no sword!
    Don’t get it yet, you haven’t!
    Officially, such a war demands a sword and some kind of protection kits.
    David disapproved of them all, 1 Samuel 17:39.

    But what made the difference?
    Hear verse 49 of 1 Samuel 17:
    And David put his hand in his bag, and took thence a stone,…

    Often times, we toil night and days, praying for opportunities and gifting, to salvage of conditions, while in us lies a gold mine. Because Mr A used this to succeed, it must be so for me. Nope! Life works in mysterious ways. There are no procedure to live a life or to succeed.
    The only procedure to success is consistency with the right tool.
    David need no routine. He just needed be himself for a moment and think.
    And he thought how fast he can run with those armors on him. He thought how well he can slang the sling with less effort and still get what he wanted.
    Hence, he concluded, its better off for me to use what I have within.
    He did looked within and alas, he found a perfect weapon!
    Most times we refuse to see the greater part of us. We believe we are nothing, at least, still nothing. We fail to do just one thing: look within! A life we desire is not far from us, just a simple task: look within, neglect not yourself. God has blessed us so much and He expects us to stay blessed. David needed not to pray for the stone, he looked within. Some of our prayers are vain because God has stored some values within, and expects us to tap into that gifting.
    Sometimes, I see Him laugh at some of our requests because, to Him, those are the things he has given freely to Mankind. Only look with in!
    David did, he put his hand in his bag.
    Not mine nor yours but his! With faith, he did it.

    Look Within and see what the Lord has given you to Overcome.

    Troubled? Just a pray of faith, take that which you have within and see God do a miracle.
    Thinking what that could?…just a moment with God in your close, a pen and paper…list the possibilities of your case…pray to God for guidance…you are done!
    Be happy friends, Look Within!


Posted by Chiemeie U. Anyaeji


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