Thoughts: A Very Good Morning


Graced is my morning, long awake to my thoughts and fears. There is a cry beneath the silence, craving to be heard. Verily, its our woe that set its eyes before us, how safe are we? Our thoughts!
This is all I have to say:

Live today as today, tomorrow is unknown. Kill every fear and doubt. Peace is no option. Love is paramount. Hate is fake. Dreams are good, visions are better…action is best. Create room for more enemies, you will need them, if don’t have one, you are a living dead. What you are today are no other than you yesterday, still yesterday is no more, you are NEW, today. Help. Give. Pray. Smile. Hope. You see these? They are all what makes you. You are sad, its okay, I understand… I understand you are fake. Sad? Drop it. Embrace love and happiness. Live everyday like NOW. In all these, love Mankind. Revere God. Peace to you my readers.  

Good Morning my friend.
See you Strong.


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