#SeedThoughts on Life

It has become an overbearing norm for many to assert that Life isn’t Fair. To such positions, there can be ‘justifiable’ reasons, considering the uproar around the world. The pains and sufferings of Syrians, the fears of Sudanese, the chattered dreams of Muslim Kenyans, the ending hope of Nigerians…the fault counts, the head aches!
These are our ‘facts’….your ‘facts’…what you see!

The idea is simple…you see shadows.

What you accept defines you…it drives the course of your life.
They shape your thoughts, hence, you conclude, Life isn’t fair!

You forget the real fact…the Truth.

You are Alive.
You and You, are Living.
Everyday, You are still Alive.
Everyday, You are still Living.

What’s more factual than that?

Living is Choice. If you think otherwise, make use of knife, if you haven’t done that yet, that’s the Choice!

This Choice, however, has options like…

Am living, but am poor.
Am living, but am suffering.
Am living, but am sick.
Am living, but am not favoured.

Alright, it goes on and on. But what started the statements above is…Am Living. The ‘but’ is still a Choice embedded in Ignorance and Fate ( we will discuss that in the next episode of #SeedThoughts).

So friend…get over it and be grateful.

You are living…Life is Fair to You, to everybody. Its a Choice and Ignorant to accept otherwise for Death is inevitable.

What we make and take out of life is what it is to us…its an open court for the game.

Live today as you will everyday.

Be conscious of this Fact…You are Alive.

Gratitude is virtue which open doors to opportunities.

Frowning your face for the hate of life is like a fight with the wind…that’s foolishness.

Be Happy…

Your Friend

P.S: The ‘but’ will be discussed later on this platform.

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