#SeedThoughts on Love

I really don’t wanna do this but I have got to, for some reasons. Am not a love expert neither am a pro-counselor. But I believe what am about to share is just common sense, still we neglect them often.

Love is a good thing and awesome when you’ve got the right person. What! Did I just say that?

The Right Person! I doubt that.

Truth is, there is nothing like the perfect person or the right person.

You can only make a person

the Right Person.

Understandably, we have always been deluded with such conclusions and it has placed so many on an unending quest. In such deceit, you find comments like, ‘s/he is not the right person for me’ and that’s his/her seventh date, still counting!  Yeah! Its laughable because we forget that what we don’t find in another, we can create them, at least, if we have some level of understanding with the person.
Love has a principle. They are hidden. Its common sense of our everyday life but we are looking for some kind of big-bang or a miracle. Please, don’t even believe those Nollywood and Hollywood scripts, those are scam.

Love is not Feelings. Its more rational.

Love is Understanding. Love is Communication. Love is Attention. Love is Provision. Love is Character. Love is Virtue. Love is Commitment. Love is Responsibility.

You get to know how much in-love you are when you put feelings aside and use your brain. Ask foundational questions like:

Do I have his/her attention? Do we really understand each other? Do s/he really keep in touch? What do we have in common? Those s/he buys into my dreams? You know, love commonality. Its mutual.

Not keeping tabs only when s/he needs sex.

Sex is no Love. Any relationship founded on Sex is bound to fail. Its just a fact!

So what do I prescribe? You wanna love? Love for real.
Before you, might be that guy or girl. You are looking for Mr Right and Mrs Right. Wake up! Make her/him the Mr/s Right.

If you are still finding your Mr/s Right with your 7th date, you are a gambler!
Yeah! You are gambling.

The problem is either aren’t the Right person or you haven’t made him/her the Right person.

Okay…for me, I have a handful to get busy now, and did I say Women are responsibility? Sure they are…so, am gonna take some time before that. I want to be a responsible dude. When that time comes…trust me, y’all will know! 😉

See y’all later in the…duty calls.
*Rolling chair back to my desk*

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