#SeedThoughts on Life

Good Morning beautiful people. My night was awesome, I guess yours was same. If otherwise, its never too late to start a today smiling. I’d share with us sometime on #SeedThoughts about my thoughts on life and its offerings to man. I opine that life is very much fair. There were different views however, from good hearts here but it still doesn’t change my stance. I have got my stories, so is everyone of us. Our stories are different as our faces are…hence, our approach, to life. How we see life and what it offers is a concern, and should be, to any great soul that desire an unprecedented transformation. Most important is how we approach life. I have friends who are most like, ‘seed…you know, am tired of all this, whatever that comes, I will take it’ and another, ‘hey…Chiemezie, you have been a good friend but here I think I just have to give in’. And of course, I have made some clueless comments like that before. I have made mistakes that I can’t reverse. We all have. We have given up and made same comments or even worse. That’s considerably acceptable but that doesn’t change the FACT that you are still living and alive, hence, the demons of life will surely come plaguing you.

‘People can never predict when hard times might come…’ – Eccl. 9:12a.

But if it did comes, your approach will set you apart. How we see issues matters a lot. Though, not all persons have such mountainous courage but in our little way, we can effect a change that can sustain and change the cause of events.

“The fastest doesn’t always win the race, and the strongest warrior doesn’t always win a battle. The wise sometimes go hungry, and the skillful are not necessarily wealthy. And those who are educated don’t always lead successful lives.” – Eccl. 9:11.

What do we do when its like a curse from birth?

In this light, I will share two thoughts.

There can never be a life without purpose. A man without purpose is merely existing not living, occupying space. Purpose of life is a conscious destination. You don’t enter a race when you don’t know the mark-line and the end line, and possibly, what you gonna win at the end. When you wake up and just enter your car and drive off, you are sure to burn more fuel than when you know exactly where you are going. To save yourself time and energy, you need some kind of a ‘reason’. A purpose for something breeds strength, courage and faith even when there seems to be hard times because you gotten a glimpse of your destination. Purpose for life is sure bet for you. Waking up every morning with an idea of what to do brings joyful and commitment. You are happy, and energetic. But when you are out of purpose, be sure to sway like the ocean. Be sure the wave to throw you up and down, back and front, and where ever you see yourself, don’t cry yet because its not over, the confusion is yet to come. Without purpose, you become a bandwagon, you know, anything goes.
Such is life. Purpose is Everything… Its a Choice! This is life, welcome.

Another is gratitude. A good heart is sure to be happy all the time. Gratitude is needful for a life of purpose. Most times, we don’t always get what we want or desire but a good heart is sure to be happy and still be hopeful for a better day, that’s Faith. Keep faith alive.

“So I saw that there is nothing better for people than to be happy in their work. That is why we are here! No one will bring us back from death to enjoy life after we die” – Eccl. 3:22.

Be happy and contented with the moment. Pray for a better moment. Enjoy your life while its time in the light of the Truth. Be gentle and courageous to dare. Be grateful. Appreciate people, love them. Give. Help whom you can. Share love. Be focused with the present. Above all, love yourself, its not selfish. Appreciate your personality, good personality. Change the bad ones.
A tip; start gratitude journal. A gratitude journal is not used to make a point about how good or bad any person’s life is. Rather, it’s to
make us aware of the gifts in our life on any given day. If you don’t
like writing at length, try making a list. Try to write five things you
were thankful for each day. If that becomes easy, write 10, and so

So my friend, we all are here, on earth life. We must make due with it. Be purposeful and grateful (gratitude).

Confuse on how to find a Cause?
Seek God, He is there for an inspiration. Pray and Study His Word.

But I am weak, its my personality…I can’t just move past this stage. Its like a cause. Is this your worry? Lookout for the next #SeedThoughts.

Drop your questions, worries, fears and concerns in comment box or inbox me, be sure I will address them as God Wills.

I love you.

Your friend

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