#SeedThoughts on Life (Yes-No Principle)

For sometime, I have been taken with some handful assignment in my workplace. Other free moments are not really free as am going through some materials that appeal to my interest and one of them is Under Bridge by Immanuel James. Adichie’s Half of a Yellow Sun was a piece I held so dear and Amaricana looks promising. Whichever it is, moments are when we literally sign out of the internet radar for some ‘abrakatabra’ within.

#SeedThoughts is still on and I did love to share this morning an understanding i had in a while.

Sometimes, a NO is the right answer.

Nobody likes that, nobody likes to get a NO for an answer to a request. We all desire a YES for an answer where a NO isn’t expected. Me too. But sometimes, a NO is motivation, to either get our guts right, or to push on and never give up. The idea is quite impressive, I leant the Yes-No principle in 2012. My NO to a request, kind of an appeal, took me to *Idea Trophy Finals in Lagos, the experience was a bomb. That singular event, instilled in me, an understanding that sometimes, when I get a NO were I expect a YES, it doesn’t mean am not appreciated or am denied. It does mean that a YES could either mar me or the other party. Respect is mutual.

So friends, when you get a NO where you expect a YES, don’t mourn yet, that might just be the right ANSWER. And if you give a YES where a NO is expect, be ready to bear the consequence. Be rational and refuse to be driven by emotions, it can kill. And some other time, a NO where a YES is expected means you have to push for it. In other words, a NO against a YES may require you to push for the YES. Just know what you want and if you are convinced that this is it, go get it.

Wisdom is profitable to direct.


*Idea Trophy is a National competition organized by Unilever Nigeria PLC. Wanna know more about it, ask Google.

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