#SeedThoughts on His Word [Few Words]

[Few Words]

You know, if all my night onwards be like yester-night, I did be glad. No dreams. Dreams are still something am yet to rationally discern reason(s) for disliking it. Its a demon I wish it never existed.

…and I was in Church last Sunday, it was awesome but it got a little kinky when we were asked to pray…I prayed. Pastor smith with words and arrived at same point…they prayed, again, I kept mute! Third time, I sat down. Looking either sides, I could see the vibrancy and agility in these saintly souls. Though some stood, others knelt down, a few highjacked the prayer and made it theirs. I could sense that sincerity and openness in human. That awesome moment we cry and felt awkwardly insane with no clue of a cause. That aura of sainthood, I have been there. Quite a few couldn’t keep their eyes closed (must we always close our eyes when we pray? Is there a special gift for closed-eye praying brethren?), as they would peep at my insanity, I think. Another stared, continuously, to my sinful self because its absurd to sit down during prayer session, at least here (and I don’t know who made such rules anyway). Still lost in my world, I seek to understand the pleasure in many words. How it has helped and how it is helping. Ab-dru-shin, author of ‘In The Light of Truth: The Grail Message’ postulates simple words for prayers. His views are quite simple:

why plague God with your many words? It does insinuate that we are ignorant of God who hears even before we speak or we are been doubtful of our own belief.

Unfortunately, I have spoken far too many words, in my quest to appease my own self imposed sins. Far too many words to appeal for a greater comfort than this. Far too many words to lobby myself to heaven. Far too many words to woo my like, sinners, to the kingdom side. I have prayed many of those and alike, irrespective of my belief in any of them and on a greater scale but in all, I shared a doubt in my own too many words. I was admonished, to my own bane, the longer hour I prayed, the closer my requests are, to God. It spells on my demon-fighting cracks (and I have won no doubt, thanks to Knowledge). But one thing is obvious, in all these roaring of mine, my doubts, concerns and fears were on the increase (never be tutored in His Word by an extremist). I thread this thought line for years of coming to know Him until Wisdom appealed to my senses. I searched for truth, what could better if I know more? *Wisdom came.

‘Do not be quick with your mouth…God is in heaven and you are on earth, so let your words be few (Eccl.5:2).’

Peace is found in few words…Faith is needful.

‘And when you pray, do not keep on babbling like the pagans, for they think they will be heard because of their many words (Matt. 6:7).’

In all these, the needful is Faith. The lack of it is the increasing long prayers.

Few words is Faith.


*Intense personal study of the scriptures and unending thirst to KNOW Him. The Holy Spirit was and is my Tutor. 


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