Say It…

To say or not to say!
I have always been timid when it comes to expressing myself, speaking my mind, and standing up for something. This stems from being raised in a culture where showing emotions is unethical. I was raised to never to talk back to my seniors and not to say anything when I had nothing nice to say. So, I’ve always played it safe and stood by the sideline, and I never wanted to rock the boat. And sometimes, when I’ve felt like saying something, I’ve wondered if people would even care. Sometimes people talk just for the sake of talking or because they want attention, and that bothered me. However, I also envied those who could just say what they think and speak their truth, even though I may or may not have agreed with them.
Eventually, I became depressed. I felt like no one cared, I didn’t know who I should be, and I felt lost. Not wanting to blame the past anymore, I knew I needed to find something to take me away from this darkness.

I embraced my woes and faced my fears. It took me forever to express myself in both writing and speaking because I felt like I had to craft the perfect message to sound smart, funny, and diplomatic. By the time I was ready to share my thoughts, the conversation topic had gone, and the moment had passed. But I did.
Yes, it’s great to be thoughtful but Come on! I would tell myself. Stop bottling up your thoughts and start expressing yourself without care. I’ve learned to nurture my voice and not spend so much time crafting my message and worrying about what others think.

Sometimes we say things or do things because we want to get a certain reaction or action out of people. However, keeping in mind we have no control over anything in life (except for our actions and our responses), why not speak your truth? Your body and mind will be grateful because you are being honest with yourself. In the end, whatever happens, you’ve got nothing to lose because you have honored your truth. No regrets.

Stand for something. This is important. It allows you to let your personality shine. It is also the foundation of your values, which help shapes your identity, allowing people to connect with you, enabling you to surround yourself with likeminded people for support.
In all these, many factors come to play and trap us in the dark. It could be the society. It could be our family. It could be our religion/faith. it could be our own demons. it could be anything. Whatever it is we offer as an excuse for such muteness, it is dumb and unhealthy for us and for our future.
In all, to read voraciously exposes the mind to different thoughts which in turn, sends strength to your personality and keep you on guard at all time.
For who can say a thing if he haven’t heard through reading!
So…you might need to tell someone tonight how much you love her/him, its all part of the saying 🙂



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